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Suburb NamePost CodeStateDelivery OfficeCategoryParcel ZoneOther Comments
Bidgeemia2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Brocklesby2642NSWBROCKLESBY LPODelivery AreaN2
Burrumbuttock2642NSWBURRUMBUTTOCK LPODelivery AreaN2
Geehi2642NSWKHANCOBAN LPODelivery AreaN2
Gerogery2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Glenellen2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Greg Greg2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Indi2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Jagumba2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Jagungal Wilderness2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Jindera2642NSWJINDERA LPODelivery AreaN2
Jingellic2642NSWJINGELLIC LPODelivery AreaN2
Khancoban2642NSWKHANCOBAN LPODelivery AreaN2
Murray Gorge2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Rand2642NSWRAND LPODelivery AreaN2
Tooma2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Walbundrie2642NSWWALBUNDRIE LPODelivery AreaN2
Welaregang2642NSWLAVINGTON DCDelivery AreaN2
Wrathall2642NSWYERONG CREEK LPODelivery AreaN2
Yerong Creek2642NSWYERONG CREEK LPODelivery AreaN2

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Braefield Railway Station located in NSW is designated as a Railway Station. The LGA in Braefield Railway Station is Liverpool Plains. On the Main Northern Railway 390 rail km from Sydney and 6.4 km S of Quirindi.

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