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Suburb NamePost CodeStateDelivery OfficeCategoryParcel ZoneOther Comments
Birchs Bay7162TASKINGSTON DCDelivery AreaT1
Woodbridge7162TASKINGSTON DCDelivery AreaT1

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Maggies Beach located in NSW is designated as a Beach. The LGA in Maggies Beach is Tweed. A coastal beach approx. 2.5 km long extending south from Norries Head to the mouth of Cudgera Creek. Its Origins are Named after Margaret Philomena Murnane (1863 - 1956) who was the first person to select land at Hastings Point in 1907. Maggie was an experienced mid-wife and assisted in many births in the district. Later she conducted a small guest house. She became an expert fisherwoman. Source: Daily News 2 Nov 1999)

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