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Brunchilly861NTTENNANT CREEK LPO Post Office BoxesNT1

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Formerly Gumbaynggir land. (Appleton; 1992).Urunga located in NSW is designated as a Town. . Urunga used to be known as Bellinger Heads. The LGA in Urunga is Bellingen. A town on the south bank of the Kalang River west of the Bellinger River mouth about 16km N of Nambucca. It is 32km S of Coffs Harbour at the mouth of the Bellinger River Urunga is seperated from the ocean by a broad lagoon. Boundaries within the Bellingen Council area shown on map GNB3736. The Meaning of Urunga is Urunga - an Aboriginal word meaning Long Beach. Ref. Aboriginal Place Names by A.W. Reed. Also: Urunga or Uringa for a long beach. Several refer to places where land juts out into water. (Oceania;Vol.XXXIVNo4p.300;June1964Its Origins are Aboriginal. History Formerly Gumbaynggir land. (Appleton; 1992).

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