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Suburb NamePost CodeStateDelivery OfficeCategoryParcel ZoneOther Comments
Camp Creek4385NSWTEXAS LPODelivery AreaQ2 Inverell
Camp Creek4871QLDCAIRNS MCDelivery AreaQ4

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Place NameStateLocal Government Association
Apple Tree Camp CreekNSW
Back Camp CreekNSWGwydir
Bare Camp CreekNSWWalcha
Bark Camp CreekNSWSnowy River
Big Camp CreekNSWWalcha
Black Camp CreekNSWHastings
Black Camp CreekNSW
Black Camp CreekNSWGreat Lakes
Black Camp CreekNSWWalcha
Black Camp CreekNSWGreater Taree
Black Camp CreekNSWGuyra
Black Camp CreekNSWDungog
Black Camp CreekNSWDungog
Blacks Camp CreekNSW
Blacks Camp CreekNSW
Blacks Camp CreekNSWWalcha
Boggy Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Box Camp CreekNSWParkes
Branch of Camp CreekNSWWollongong
Browns Camp CreekNSW
Browns Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Bull Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Bull Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Camp CreekNSWBathurst Regional
Camp CreekNSWCoffs Harbour
Camp CreekNSWGreater Hume
Camp CreekNSWWagga Wagga
Camp CreekNSWRichmond Valley
Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Camp CreekNSWInverell
Camp CreekNSWLithgow
Camp CreekNSWGloucester
Camp CreekNSWWilloughby
Camp CreekNSWInverell
Camp CreekNSWOberon
Camp CreekNSWGloucester
Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Camp CreekNSWKyogle
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSWWollongong
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSW
Camp CreekNSWHornsby
Camp Creek (Part Of)NSW
Cattle Camp CreekNSW
Charlies Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Connors Camp CreekNSWSnowy River
Corys Camp CreekNSWTamworth Regional
Crow Camp CreekNSW
Cutlers Camp CreekNSWWarrumbungle
Dense Camp CreekNSWUnincorporated
Dinner Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Flat Camp CreekNSWGuyra
Gap Camp CreekNSW
Greenhide Camp CreekNSW
Home Camp CreekNSWWagga Wagga
Left Branch of Camp CreekNSW
Little Black Camp CreekNSWDungog
Main Branch of Second Camp CreekNSW
Main Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Main Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Main Camp CreekNSW
Middle Camp CreekNSWBellingen
Middle Camp CreekNSW
Oak Camp CreekNSW
Oaky Camp CreekNSW
Oven Camp CreekNSW
Peppermint Camp CreekNSWTamworth Regional
Permanent Water Camp CreekNSW
Pigeon Camp CreekNSWTemora
Puppy Camp CreekNSWWalcha
Rocky Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Rocky Camp CreekNSWArmidale Dumaresq
Saddle Camp CreekNSWBega Valley
Sally Camp CreekNSWOberon
Sandy Camp CreekNSW
Sandy Camp CreekNSWTenterfield
Sandy Camp CreekNSWBombala
Sandy Camp CreekNSWGlen Innes Severn
Second Camp CreekNSWClarence Valley
Spring Camp CreekNSWArmidale Dumaresq
Stewarts Camp CreekNSWUnincorporated
Tigers Camp CreekNSWLachlan
Union Camp CreekNSWShoalhaven
Wattle Camp CreekNSWBega Valley

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For histroy of name Tamarang see under Mount Tamarang.Tamarang Railway Station located in NSW is designated as a Railway Station. The LGA in Tamarang Railway Station is Liverpool Plains. A railway station 3 km slightly south of east of the town of Colly Blue. The Meaning of Tamarang Railway Station is Unknown Its Origins are Werris Creek-Binnaway Railway was opened in 1924. The Railway Station was named after the mountain or the property which was itself named after the mountain. History For histroy of name Tamarang see under Mount Tamarang.

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