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Dunmarra852NTKATHERINE DCDelivery AreaNT1

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Millie located in NSW is designated as a Locality. The LGA in Millie is Narrabri. A locality situated between Little Bumble Creek and Millie Creek about 2.5 km E of their confluence on the road from Rowena to Bellata and about 27km by road from the latter. Boundaries within the Narrabri Council area shown on map GNB3792. Boundaries within Shire of Moree Plains shown on map marked GNB 3784 Its Origins are William Ridley records Millie as a Kamilaroi name of a place near the Naomi meaning white pipeclay or silicate of magnesia but another source in 1901 relates it to the common Australian Aboriginal word Mil meaning the physical eye. (Atchison 1976).

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