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Suburb NamePost CodeStateDelivery OfficeCategoryParcel ZoneOther Comments
Goonoo Goonoo2340NSWTAMWORTH DCDelivery AreaN2
Goonoo Forest2830NSWDUBBO DCDelivery AreaN2

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Place NameStateLocal Government Association
Goonoo DamNSW
Goonoo ForestNSWDubbo
Goonoo GoonooNSWTamworth Regional
Goonoo Goonoo CreekNSWTamworth Regional
Goonoo GullyNSWDubbo
Goonoo State ForestNSWDubbo
Goonoongla CreekNSWUpper Lachlan
Mount GoonookNSWGreater Taree
Old Goonoo Goonoo CreekNSW

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Longfella Pass located in NSW is designated as a Pass. The LGA in Longfella Pass is Shoalhaven. Rocky pass through escarpment about 2.5 km west of Pigeon House Mountain on to Longfella Ridge. Its Origins are Rocky passage through the escarpment onto Pigeon House Plateau west of Pigeon House Mt. Pass in use by stockman and earliest record Townsend 1848. Also access for Aborignes en-route to hinterland. Longstanding name and in sue by bushwalkers c 1940.

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