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Suburb NamePost CodeStateDelivery OfficeCategoryParcel ZoneOther Comments
Yarrawonga830NTPALMERSTON DCDelivery AreaNT1
Yarrawonga Park2264NSWMORISSET DCDelivery AreaN2
Yarrawonga2850NSWMUDGEE DCDelivery AreaN2
Yarrawonga3730VICYARRAWONGA POST SHOP Delivery AreaV2
Yarrawonga South3730VICYARRAWONGA POST SHOP Delivery AreaV2

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Place NameStateLocal Government Association
YarrawongaNSWMid-western Regional

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Teatree Creek located in NSW is designated as a Creek. . Teatree Creek used to be known as Ti Tree Creek. The LGA in Teatree Creek is Narrabri. Rising on the western slopes of an unnamed ridge about 7 km south by west of Round Mountain on the Nandewar Range. It flows generally south south west for about 6 miles to its junction with Middle Creek about 4 miles north east of Black Mountain.

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